A daring Pharmacist is looking for Scorpwink Stingers in good condition for use in scientific experiments. A good knowledge of fish would be a big plus.
This quest requires a minimum of 4 steps for walking, plus any additional turns needed to fight the monsters.
Assigned By 
Request Office

How to complete this quest

  1. Speak to Quatermaster Kalift Medat.
  2. Go to the Devourer of the East.
  3. Search for a Scorpwink (triggers battle with 1 Scorpwink).
  4. Search again ... (triggers battle with 1 Scorpwink and 1 Earthworm).
  5. Pick up the stinger.
  6. Complete the mission at the Rocky Outpost ....



Be sure to pick up some Poisonite Injections at Neerhel Paths or Rocky Outpost to avoid the Scorpwink's "stinger" attack.

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