Wines Merchant

Wine Merchant

Gives you access to land to build the clinic.
Additional Notes
You must have the Find the Clinic mission active.


Good day! Allow me to guide you through our finest vintages, the pompelope 142 is succulent, l'extremitédeau 144 is extremely rare. You should buy some bottles before a wine collector buys all my stock!

  1. I'm actually looking for somewhere to build a clinic.
    A clinic?.... What's that got to do with me? I don't think the patients would want to drink wine.
    1. It seems you use a lot of land to cultivate the Dinotown vintage, but you've already told me that it's disusting and tastes of vinegar!
      I was wrong, your clinic isn't as important as my wine! Get out of my sight! (conversation ends)
    2. Ah, but you're wrong! Once they've been cured, the patients will come to your shop to buy some wine! The nurse has even promised me that she'll come and give you a hand in the shop! (...a little white lie never hurts...)
      Oh yeah! And who says that this person knows enough about wine to be able to sell it, huh?
      1. To be honest, seeing how crazy the Dinoz masters are, I don't think she needs to know much...
        Well, I might be able to sacrifice part of my vineyard... it wouldn't be a great loss. COUGH COUGH, I didn't say anything...
        1. I didn't hear anything!
          The Wine Merchant agrees to sacrifice part of his vineyard so it can be used to build the clinic.

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