« The Merchants Association are looking for a transporter to make a routine delivery, Desert raiders need not apply. Contact the quatermaster Kalift Medat for more information.»
Complete Secure The Road
This quest requires a minimum of 8 steps.
Assigned By 
Request Office

How to complete this quest

  1. Talk to Quatermaster Kalift Medat
  2. Go to the Crackling Frontier
  3. Talk to Carrier and pick up the Crates
  4. Go to King's Citadel and Take a Break
  5. Go to Lodestone Pylons and Talk to Delivery Service
  6. Go to Whistler Syphon and Take a Break
  7. Suspicious Noise >> Attention this force a Fight against 6 Korgons
  8. Go to Rocky Outpost and Talk to Quatermaster Kalift Medat
  9. Complete the mission


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