« Wanted: Trip, the wimpy raider of the moonless nights. The latest reports talk of an attack at the bottom of the north Devourer. This mission is HIGHLY DANGEROUS, a generous reward can be expected. »
Complete A Mysterious Pendant
This quest requires a minimum of 6 steps for walking, plus any additional turns needed to fight the monsters.
Assigned By 
Request Office

How to complete this quest

  1. Find the right place ... (go to Devourer of the North) & Wait for an attack
  2. Wait.... & Speak to Passing merchant
  3. Wait again.... & Continue to wait
  4. Speak to A passing adventurer & Walk in a circle
  5. Wait a bit longer ... (fight bandits) & Speak to Trip
  6. Henchmen (fight bandits) & Attack Trip!
  7. Cleaver pendant
  8. Return to complete the mission Request Office ...


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