« WANTED: Sahalami "the Slicer". This person is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. He's wanted for countless acts of piracy. There are no clues about his whereabouts. This mission comes with a HUGE REWARD! Low-level Dinoz need not apply! »
Complete Secure The Road
This quest requires a minimum of 8 steps.
Assigned By 
Request Office

How to complete this quest

  1. Find evidence of Sahalami (go to Whistler Syphon)
  2. Damaged caravan ...
  3. Find the raider near the Syphon ... (go to Devourer of the West)
  4. Stacked crates
  5. Enter the den (triggers fight with 2 bandits)
  6. Explore the den (triggers fight with 2 bandits and Sahalami)
  7. Strange pendant
  8. Return to complete the mission


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