This mission path guide is compiled from "THE ENGLISH CONNECTION" clan pages. The original writer is anonymous, or possibly several people.

Grandpa Joe (first bunch)

  1. Grandpa Joe: Fresh Fish
  2. Grandpa Joe: The Lost Dog
  3. Grandpa Joe: The Hills' Smashrooms
  4. Grandpa Joe: Wolf Hunting
  5. Grandpa Joe: The Rose Bush in danger
  6. Grandpa Joe: The Recipe Book
  7. Grandpa Joe: The Stamps
  8. Grandpa Joe: The Confidential Letter
  9. Grandpa Joe: A Strange Monster

Mr Bao Bob (first bunch)

  1. Mr Bao Bob: Birthday Present
  2. Mr Bao Bob: Barter in the Altanteid Islands
  3. Mr Bao Bob: The Sardine Rally
  4. Mr Bao Bob: The Fishes Rally
  5. Mr Bao Bob: The Sharks Rally
  6. Mr Bao Bob: Kazkadine Hunt
  7. Mr Bao Bob: Eeloz with vinegar
  8. Mr Bao Bob: The Huge Hunt

Nicolas Mulot (all)

  1. Nicolas Mulot: The road of the High Peril
  2. Nicolas Mulot: Cartography
  3. Nicolas Mulot: Allergies
  4. Nicolas Mulot: Remedy
  5. Nicolas Mulot: Adventurer Kit

Dian Korgsey (all)

  1. Dian Korgsey: Like a Korgon into water
  2. Dian Korgsey: Northern Korgons, Southern Korgons
  3. Dian Korgsey: Wood Steak
  4. Dian Korgsey: Korgons Rivalry

Mr Bao Bob (last bunch)

  1. Mr Bao Bob: The Whales Rally
  2. Mr Bao Bob: The Dinoland Tour

Grandpa Joe (last bunch)

  1. Grandpa Joe: The Giants
  2. Grandpa Joe: The Month Exploit

Strange Prowler (all)

  1. Strange Prowler: The Amnesiac Rice
  2. Strange Prowler: The Dark Dinoz

Soft Shaman (all)

  1. Soft Shaman: The Testing Ordeal
  2. Soft Shaman: The Archelionscarer
  3. Soft Shaman: Fire!
  4. Soft Shaman: The Crazy Barbecue
  5. Soft Shaman: Quarrel
  6. Soft Shaman: The Forges Defense!
  7. Soft Shaman: The Vanished Package
  8. Soft Shaman: (Un)Fair Trade
  9. Soft Shaman: Ridiculous Ritual
  10. Soft Shaman: Hieroglyphs
  11. Soft Shaman: Carrier Pigeon

Forest Warden (all)

  1. Forest Warden: The Forest Warden
  2. Forest Warden: The Green Thumb
  3. Forest Warden: Right to cut
  4. Forest Warden: The King of the Jungle
  5. Forest Warden: Make your wishes
  6. Forest Warden: A Jack For The Forest
  7. Forest Warden: Monkey money

Madam X, Skully, and the Elemental Master

The original guide does not mention when the missions from Madam X, Skully, and the Elemental Master should be completed. It is possible they were added after the original guide was written, and therefor not taken into account.

It is recommended that you get to Nicolas Mulot as soon as possible, because you want to reach the Grumhel Forest without meeting the Arboreal Guardians that show up when your Dinoz reaches level 22. This means that it is recommended you wait with finishing the missions of Madam X, Skully and the Elemental Master until after you have reached level 22.

I take no credit for compiling this guide, as it was made available on "THE ENGLISH CONNECTION" clan pages by an unknown author.

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