Rhowan fought a Baby Archelion and a Goblin on his way to see the Soft Shaman. Once there, he accepted the quest the Testing Ordeal.
Lexxa & Colin 
Lexxa and Colin met a Green Giant on their way to the islands.
Dandan is still resting.
Gene & Smith 
Gene already killed all the Wolves necessary in BrutForce, but Smith still needs two for himself. Gene, at level 6, gets access to Madam X and her first two quests, while Smith at level 4 can't even see her. After killing the two Wolves for Smith, he is only 3 experience points from level 5. Should I stay on the spot and see if level 5 is what you need for Madam X? Maybe.
My little Glidwings lost 3 health points from fighting a Smashroom. He dropped off the Fresh Fish with Madam Squyd and will now be heading back to Grandpa Joe.

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