After filling up my inventory with more Goblin Merguez, Rhowan had to rest.
Colin didn't feel well at all and decided to rest as well.
Since Lexxa was abandoned by Colin, but had approximately 24 HP more than him, she fought on her own today and will rest tomorrow. She encountered a Wolf and a Gluon and noticed that the Gluon actually has a weakness. Her first hit killed the wolf, her second hit did 1 damage in the Gluon, her third hit did 1 damage in the Gluon, her fourth hit did 4 damage in the Gluon, and her fifth hit did 1 damage. This means that whatever happened to be her fourth element is the Gluon's weakness! Unfortunately I don't know which one would be the fourth, since her stats are 55, 11, 6, 6, 6, which only gives us the information that it's Wood, Fire or Lightning.
Dandan validated his mission after a fight with two Wolves. Since he is now down to 7 HP he will have to start resting tomorrow.
Gene fought a Wolf waiting for Smith, and reached level 6 with the skill Celerity.
Smith moved one step closer to validating his mission, and got us the information of what Professor Eugene says before your Dinoz is level 5.
Gilbert fought a Smashroom on his way south to the Frish Port.

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