My Gorilloz traveled to Ashpouk Ruins and talked to the Merguez Seller. I've missed those sausages, it feels nice to once again have every inventory filled with them. While many might think that 1-4 HP is a small gain, it really makes a difference when every little HP in fact means one hour waiting time. The longer we stay alive, the less we have to wait.
Lexxa & Colin 
The Sirain and Moueffe reached The University to make sure both of them have both Buoy and Climbing Gear. Poor Colin lost 32 HP fighting the evil Fire Elemental, but gained 23 XP. Lexxa only lost 9 HP against the Water Elemental (got hit once for 11 HP, but ate a divine merguez and replenished two of them), and got 21 XP. I also noticed that the dialogue is slightly different when you already have one of the two items, which I will take care of to add later on when I have more time.
While Dandan is down to 16 / 130 HP, I decided for him to at least finish the last thieving Smashrooms off before resting. He killed the last three, and picked the Stamps up.
Gene took one step closer Grandpa Joe and ended up at The University, where he will be waiting for Smith.
Smith finally killed his last wolf for The Hills' Smashrooms and will be heading for validation tomorrow.
The new family member took his second step ever, and arrived at Grandpa Joe's Home, where I fixed up some minor details about the Fresh Fish mission page.

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