Rhowan got us the map of Basalt Slopes and arrived at the Forges of the Big All-Hot after a fight with two Flamelets and a Goblin. Also got the information about the quest giver Strange Prowler as well as all the items available in the Forges Shop.
Lexxa and Colin
The island explorers took one step closer to The University so that Lexxa can get her Buoy.
Dandan fought three more Smashrooms and should be finished with his quest tomorrow.
Gene had a painless battle with a Wolf on his way to water the Rose Bush in danger for Madam Squyd.
Smith fought his fifth Wolf and only needs one more to finish his mission.
Everybody welcome our new family member, Gilbert the green Glidwings. Heading for Grandpa Joe he met a Smashroom and gained 25 experience.

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