Yesterday I browsed the game pages and realized that many of the pictures are as easy to get as "Save file as..." so there's no need to take screenshots, unless it's for Dinoz pictures. I went through the item pictures and replaced my screenshots with the actual GIF images used in-game. Unfortunately the server cache seems really slow on updating, so it still looks like it's not working. It is working though, look at Angel Potion for proof, and be patient with the rest.
Rhowan climbed the Precipitous Hills and reached the Basalt Slopes. Time for some volcano exploration! He's already been almost everywhere up here, but that was before I knew of this wiki. He encountered a Strange Dinoz and because I was busy taking a screenshot of it I completely forgot to see how much health it had. Oh well, it died and I can now buy a Pteroz if I want to.
Lexxa and Colin
Lexxa and Colin took one step towards the islands, and got to battle a Gluon and a Green Giant. Man, that Regeneration skill is annoying.
Dandan lost four health points fighting three Smashrooms. Six more until the mission is over.
Gene fought a Wolf on his way to get some pure water for the Rose Bush in danger.
Little Smith fought yet another Smashroom, and reached level 4 with the new skill Celerity.

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