The Gorilloz finished resting and got to act twice. Since he's not allowed to do Grandpa Joe's last mission yet, and Madam X don't seem to be worth the time, I've decided that Rhowan is to go explore the Big All-Hot volcano for the benefit of this wiki (as well as pick up some Goblin Merguez for the rest of the family). He took two steps to reach Precipitous Hills and had two uneventful battles with Green Giants.
Lexxa & Colin
My favorite pair fought two Wolves and a Smashroom on their way back to BrutForce. They received their reward of 50 coins each for validating the mission. Since The Ashpouk Conspiracy is so ridiculously long to complete, as I discovered when Rhowan did it, I've decided for these two to try the Island it's Kool quest instead. That way I will effectively explore two new maps at the same time (the volcano with Rhowan and the islands with these two). First I will have to head back to the University though, and get the Buoy for Lexxa.
Since Dandan still needs a lot of thieving Smashrooms he stayed where he's at and battled. Three more enemies killed, now he's got nine to go.
Gene fought two Smashrooms on his way back to Grandpa Joe's Home and then validated the mission.
One Smashroom down, three to go.

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