Rhowan decided to sit down and rest. He'll be inactive for a couple of days now.

Since Lexxa was already at The University I figured it was time she faced Professor Eugene's challenges. Since she's got 8 levels on water the Fire Elemental seemed like an easy target - and with 0 HP lost she earned her Climbing Gear. Normally I would have her fight the other elemental as well, but since I want to see what The Guide Michael says when you only have one of the skills, I'll have to leave it for now. Colin beat the Water Elemental with a loss of 12 HP, so he got himself a Buoy. After they both had one skill each, they headed off to Dinotown and talked to the Merchant. Time to validate the mission at BrutForce!

Dandan finally found A Strange Monster and validated the mission right away. Level up! He is now a level 9 Softpig with Savagery. Time for him to go kill 15 thieving Smashrooms.

Gene and Smith experimented to see if The Hills' Smashrooms was impossible to do in group. It's not! The Wolf they fought today ended up on Smith's counter. Five to go!

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