Rhowan fought another Green Giant and finally reached level 15. He got Air (Strategy) and helped us a little more with the Air Skills tree. Unfortunately the last mission at Grandpa Joe's was not for level 15 either, so it's time to get going somewhere else. The Big All-Hot, anyone?

Lexxa and Colin got to meet with their very first Green Giant, and killed it before it had a chance to act. Pwned!

Dandan kept searching for A Strange Monster but had to settle with a Smashroom and a Wolf instead.

Gene and Smith got to fight a Smashroom and a Wolf as well. Strange thing, this. Gene needed one more for The Hills' Smashrooms, and Smith needed all 6 of his. Since they met two enemies I figured one of them would be counted on Smith's counter, but it didn't. Maybe this mission is impossible to do in a group. I'll try with the group tomorrow again, and if Smith still doesn't get any kills counted they will have to separate (and the mission's wiki article will have to be edited).

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