Rhowan only needed 12 more xp to reach level 15, so he stayed where he's at and used his action to just fight. Unfortunately the Green Giant only got him 10 xp, so tomorrow he will have to waste 8 xp. There is one more mission from Grandpa Joe and I believe level 15 to be the minimum requirement for it. We'll see!

Lexxa and Colin reached the Precipitous Hills and waited. After three hours they sent a message to Madam X and were told to return to Dinotown.

Dandan used his action to fight, hoping for a A Strange Monster to appear, but instead he lost 12 HP fighting two Smashrooms and a Wolf.

Gene and Smith got to fight just one more Wolf and still need a whole lot more to finish their mission. At least Gene reached level 5 today (got Burning Claws), so maybe tomorrow will be more exciting.

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