Rhowan encountered his last Green Giant for The Giants mission, and finally got to validate it with the reward of 100 experience points and 5,000 coins!! Now he only needs 12 more xp to reach level 15.

Lexxa and Colin kept running from the Police Chase, and after fighting two Smashrooms and a Wolf they reached The University.

Dandan finished resting and got to perform two actions. With his first move he lost 4 HP against two Wolves, and with his second move he lost another 4 HP against a Wolf and a Smashroom. He reached Grandpa Joe's Home and validated his latest mission, earning himself 20 xp. Next up on his missions list is A Strange Monster.

Gene and Smith fought another Wolf for The Hills' Smashrooms. I wonder why they only get to meet one enemy at a time, it's so slow. They need 8 more enemies now.

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