Rhowan fought his fourth Green Giant out of 12, and took another step exploring Dinoland.

Lexxa and Colin finished resting, and got to act an hour before the rest of the family. They took one step towards Madam X to finish off the Police Chase. Lexxa reached level 11, and picked the skill Ventral Pouch. With their second uneventful step they reached Madam X.

Dandan wasn't feeling well and decided to rest.

Gene and Smith reached the Precipitous Hills and killed a Wolf and a Smashroom so now they only need four more to finish their mission.


I got bored and decided to buy six Madam Irma's Potions for Rhowan. By talking to Michael in Dinotown I discovered a completely new area called Dinoplaza which I will be exploring eventually. At least we got ourselves three new map pieces, picturing Frish Port, Precipitous Hills and Dinotown, with the extended pathways. Rhowan has now killed 10 of the 12 Green Giants required for his mission, and will be heading back towards Grandpa Joe tomorrow.

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