Rhowan fought another Green Giant (now 3 out of 12) and showed how the skill Vines can be quite useful. If used several times in a fight, it means my Dinoz gets to act often while the enemy never gets a chance to do anything. I like that!

Lexxa and Colin will both be resting until tomorrow morning.

Dandan lost 12 HP in a fight against one Gluon and one Wolf. Maybe he's not ready to run around on his own after all... He delivered The Recipe Book to Madam Sqyud and is now ready to validate the mission.

Gene finished resting, so Smith canceled The Lost Dog mission (because Gene just finished it) and now they both have The Hills' Smashrooms instead. They successfully beat two Smashrooms on their way to the hills, and little Smith reached level 3 with the new skill Mutation.

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