Rhowan fought his first Green Giant for the quest The Giants (though it's probably his 20th giant this far). He also leveled up, giving us a level picture for Gorilloz. He is now level 14, and got the new skill Vines.

Lexxa and Colin fought two wolves on their way to Dinotown, and Colin leveled up giving us the level picture for Moueffe. He is now level 10, and got the new skill Savagery. Once in Dinotown, I equipped both Lexxa and Colin with a Battle Ration each, and then had Colin do the next step of the Police Chase. Fighting the 3 Merchants made him lose 56 HP out of his 62 HP, so I'll have Lexxa rest before attempting the Merchants on her own.

Dandan and Gene headed back to Grandpa Joe's Home to validate their missions. The Gluon they fought unfortunately drained the last health of poor Gene, who died and had to drink an Angel Potion and is now resting. Dandan, on the other hand, reached level 8, and got the skill Wrath.

Smith had an uneventful journey battling a Smashroom, taking one step closer to Grandpa Joe's Home.

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