Rhowan is still resting, but will get to play later tonight.

Lexxa is still waiting for the resting Colin, and will be using her action tonight around 10 pm when they both head towards Dinotown.

Dandan and Gene left the Precipitous Hills, but since none of them have the Climbing Gear yet the screenshot I got of that map is incomplete. I will simply have to make a new map when Rhowan gets there. Same goes for the Frish Port map I got yesterday.

Little Smith reached Dinotown and gave the Fresh Fish to Madam Squyd, and tomorrow he'll be heading north to Grandpa Joe.


Rhowan finally reached 50% HP, so he traveled to Grandpa Joe's Home and battled a Green Giant on the way. Accepting the quest The Giants I will now be able to fill out the information this wiki is missing about that quest.

Lexxa and Colin had an uneventful journey from BrutForce to The Fountain of Youth, killing a Gluon and two Smashrooms. Colin will level up tomorrow, being my third Dinoz to reach level 10.

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