Rhowan climbed down the slopes of the Big All-Hot and reached the Precipitous Hills. He fought a Green Giant and was happy to be back on easy grounds.
Lexxa & Colin 
Lexxa lost ten health points against an Eeloz, while Colin only lost three. The Eeloz has somewhere between 97 and 135 health points in total. Lexxa fished for her third time, but didn't find any fish at all.
Dandan lost three health points by fighting two Wolves, but reached level 10 and got Burning Claws. Next time he gets Fire he'll get to unlock all the 2nd level skills.
Gene & Smith 
Gene and Smith finally fought their last two Wolves, and Gene reached level 7 with the skill Focus.
Gilbert successfully used Flight for the first time today - the Smashroom he fought only hit the air below him. Way to go!
Tommy reached level 2 and got Celerity.

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