Since Rhowan was down to 15% of his health (19/120) and he's lost 12 health points from each battle the past two days, I decided it's time for him to rest.
Lexxa & Colin 
Lexxa and Colin left the Sticky Swamp, and there was no Fishing option available. They encountered an Eeloz and three Pirhanoz, and lost a total of 36 health points. OUCH! The Eeloz has somewhere between 99-143 in health, most likely an even 100, and it retaliates sometimes causing 1 damage in my Dinoz when my Dinoz hits it. The Pirhanoz have 5 or less in health. No Fishing available in Coral Mines either, but we got a shovel each from the Coral Miner. Apparently digging is not limited to once per turn, so as long as my Dinoz are standing at the Coral Mines and can get the shovel fixed every time it breaks, they can keep on digging forever. But according to the forums, there are only four places where you get items from digging, so I won't waste my time here.
Dandan fought a Wolf and a Smashroom without losing any health at all. He then lost 37/49 health points by fighting the Fire Elemental, but won and got the Climbing Gear.
Gene & Smith 
Gene and Smith fought two Wolves.
Gilbert fought a Smashroom.
I finally found another green Dinoz to buy, and it's a Hippoclamp no less! I started the day out with 26,300 gold coins, and had 200 coins left when I bought Tommy. Lucky me. He moved towards Grandpa Joe, met a Smashroom, ate a Goblin Merguez and lost only four health points.

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