Rhowan fought a Goblin and two Flamelets and lost twelve health points.. ouch. He's heading towards the University to find the Dictionary necessary for the Testing Ordeal.
Lexxa & Colin 
Lexxa went fishing, and caught her second Lujidanee Grouper. Go her! The team then traveled to the Sticky Swamp and fought two Kazkadines on the way. Both enemies died from one hit, so we know they have less than 56 health points in total. Once in the Sticky Swamp the two Dinoz carried on their Island it's Kool mission, and defeated the Borg with minimal losses both. Lexxa hit the jackpot and got 2,900 gold coins from the fight. And, either it is not possible to fish in the swamp, or it is only possible to fish once a day - we'll see tomorrow.
Dandan fought two Wolves and lost five health points. He validated the Confidential Letter and have now finished all Grandpa Joe missions available for his level. I think Dandan will be my designated Goblin Merguez collector from now on, since he really isn't a good fighter at all. To the University!
Gene & Smith 
Gene and Smith fought two more Wolves for the Wolf Hunting.
Little Gilbert fought a Smashroom and lost four health points, but he reached level 3 at the same time and is now an expert on Flight. He got the Pure Water for the Rose Bush in danger and will now be heading for Dinotown.

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