Rhowan fought a Baby Archelion and three Flamelets (started with two flames but they called for another one), and lost twelve health points. Ouch. He reached Ashpouk Ruins and got told to find the Dictionary for the Testing Ordeal. Luckily I've cheated and already know it's supposed to be at the University so I won't be running around like a madman.
Lexxa & Colin 
Lexxa and Colin swam across the water and reached Waïkiki Island. They lost eight health points when fighting two Kazkadines, immaterial enemies. Colin gained a level and is now level 11 with the new skill Martial Arts. We noticed there's another Strange Dinoz here, so the two articles have now been separated with a disambig page. I defeated it with my level 11 Sirain Lexxa, who leveled up after getting 15 experience points. I couldn't see exactly how much health points the Strange Dinoz (Hippoclamp) had, but it is somewhere between 47 and 90 - very helpful.. I can now get myself a Hippoclamp. With her level up, Lexxa got yet another water and learned Apprentice Fisherman, my very first Collect skill. When fishing for the very first time, I got to pick two squares from a grid, and under those squares I found one Lujidanee Grouper.
Dandan fought a Wolf and a Smashroom and lost two health points.
Gene & Smith 
Gene and Smith fought two Wolves and Smith lost one health point.
Little Gilbert fought a Smashroom without losing any health points at all. He validated his very first mission and will now save the Rose Bush in danger.

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