Rhowan fought four Flamelets and lost five health points.
Lexxa & Colin 
Lexxa and Colin fought one Green Giant and lost no health points. Colin will level up next turn, and they will both reach the exciting new area of the Atlanteid Islands.
Dandan fought one Wolf and lost one health point. He left the Confidential Letter with Madam Squyd and got her reply to deliver back at Grandpa Joe's Home.
Gene & Smith 
Gene and Smith fought two Wolves and lost two health points (one each). Smith reach level 5, got the new skill Carapace, and learned that level 5 is not when Madam X becomes available. It is possible that you have to be level 6 to talk to her, or that you must have completed a certain quest.
Little Gilbert fought a Smashroom and lost no health at all thanks to the Goblin Merguez.

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