Just to try out this blog feature I figured I might as well write a daily update of what my Dinoz are up to.

Rhowan is resting, so he didn't get to do anything at all.

Lexxa is standing in BrutForce waiting for Colin to finish resting, and while waiting she had a fight on the spot. I hope she'll get anything but Water next time she levels up (she is currently 7, 1, 1, 1, 1), so that her second assault will cause damage as well.

Dandan and Gene entered the Precipitous Hills together, so Gene got to bring Niofniof back to Jessica Ducraft. Now both of them are supposed to head back to Grandpa Joe to validate their missions. When they leave tomorrow I'll get the Precipitous Hills map made.

Little Smith left Frish Port heading north back to Grandpa Joe with the fish, so I added the Frish Port article and made the map.

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