• Mea v4

    Current Dino List

    September 22, 2010 by Mea v4

    Recording this for possible trends in defense and so forth. Currently in early stage. Will hopefully be able to use this to track Defense progression. If anyone has the base Attack and Defense numbers for level 1 Dinoz, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    • Void defense goes up every level, no matter what element is picked. Pteroz, Hippoclamps, and Kabukis seems to start with a bonus, Rockys seem to start with a penalty. In most other cases, Void Defense= Dino Level +1
    • Armor does not get added into the defensive numbers, it is considered independently. (observe Bruce & Katar, one has armor, one does not, yet both have Void = Dinolevel + 1)
    • Still working out which element affects which defense though it does appear to be elemental wheel-based but I'm get…

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  • Mea v4

    To Do Later

    February 12, 2010 by Mea v4

    Notes to self...

    • BrutForce tourney - get back to this when stronger and with more gear
    • Superdom tourney - ditto (make that MUCH stronger)
    • do Skully's quest (on mission 5)
    • Eventually try Magnetic Steppes (think I need some L30s for that at least, not sure)
    • Make checklist for team to keep track of who still needs to do what Semi-sorta done via current dino list.
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