Tunnel under the Branch

The travel map of Tunnel under the Branch.

Tunnel under the Branch Fight

The battle background of Tunnel under the Branch.


Away from Lavapit stands up a very old tree. Its bark is so dense that even lava flows have not burned it, that has surely helped him to survive to many volcano eruptions. Recently, a lava flow has freed the entrance of a Tunnel at the bottow of the tree. This tunnel seems to go very far in the depths of the Big All-Hot. To explore it, you will need at least a Lantern to enlighten the path.

Neighbor Locations

Additional information

If you enter the tunnel without the Lantern you get this message: After many hours walking in Tunnel darkness, a light is finally visible and point to an exit. You are for a moment dazzled by the sun before realizing that you are back to the entrance! What a waste of time. Inside this Tunnel, it should be a veritable labyrinth!

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