Training Center

Training Center

Lavapit (if you have the Member Card)
My dear customer, we welcome you to the T.C.L. Our Center is authorized by the RIDL (Research Institute on the Dinoz Learning) and enables to easily develop the muscular strength and the performances of your Dinoz with our Combat-on-Measure program's help.


  • Only works until level 30! Also note that each Dinoz will have to individually obtain the Member Card and it is each individual Dinoz' level that counts.
  • For a price, your Dinoz can fight an opponent without spending a turn. You can fight as many times as you like, as long as you have the money to pay for fights and your Dinoz is still alive.
  • The enemies you meet are the standard Big All-Hot enemies, based on the level of your Dinoz. Depending on the level of combat you choose, the enemies may have boosted stats.
  • There are three levels of combat.
    • Easy costs 500 Small gold
    • Medium costs 550 Small gold
    • Advanced costs 600 Small gold

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