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The Venerable

The Venerable

Venerable's Lair


GWWWWWWWWAAAAAAARGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Who daaaare coming to botherrr me durinnng my naaaaaapppppp?????

  1. Uhh... It's me
    UUUHMMMM?? And what do you want exactly??? I hope you have a good reason, or else I will BURN your Dinoz for my BREAKFAST!!!
    1. I get lost coming here and...
      This makes you fight.
    2. I am a Great Dorogon Hunter, and I come to defy you!
      This makes you fight.
    3. I have a great business for you!

​                      This makes you fight.

  1. I was running after a Korgon and...
    UHHMM??? a KORGON, you say??? Where? Where? I'm hungry now!!
    1. I have caught him
      This makes you fight.
    2. He has escaped
      OOhhh! Too BAD!! That should be IRRITATING then! I understand, I understand! In my youth, I have often let some small breakfast escaped like that. Now I BURN them directly, so they don't have enough time to flee!
      1. That's efficient...
        So, Korgon eater, can I GRILL something for you? Or something else? Don't ask too much, or else I will CUT you in crispy small pieces. It would be perfect for my BREAKFAST!!!
        1. I would like my Dinoz to be stronger!
          UHHMM??? STRONGER you say? WELL ... then follow my advice: go to the SHAMAN at Lavapit, he will help you to GRILL your enemies!
        2. I'm going to CRUSH you!
          This makes you fight.
  2. Can I have an autograph?
    This makes you fight.
    Winning: (later...)
    Losing: (later...)
  3. Leave discreetly
    You are right, there are times in life where it's better to take all your bravery and make a quick strategic retreat, and if possible without beeing seen....


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