The scroll which has fallen on your head includes the following message:

« Find 1 measure of fresh free-flowing water, 1 measure of stagnant water, 1 measure of purified water and lastly 1 measure of boiling water. » You've barely finished reading the message before an empty small gourd falls from the tree and hits you on the head! Plunk!

Buoy Climbing Gear Zors Glove Korgon Fins
This quest requires a minimum of 21 steps.
Assigned By 
Forest Warden

How to complete this quest

  1. Find the right place (Jumin River). Get the "Jumin River Water"
  2. Find the right place (Sticky Swamp). Get the "Cloudy Water"
  3. Find the right place (the Fountain of Youth). Get the "Refreshing Water"
  4. Find the right place (Deep Gorges). Get the "Boiling Water"
  5. Go to the Blacksylva Door Pour the gourd on the roots.
  6. Validate the mission at Blacksylva Door


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