Some time ago, I ordered a new powder reserve for my rituals from Grandpa Joe, but my package never arrived! Maybe this is because of the recent attack on the Forges, it must be lost somewhere. The package is extremely important, Can you find it for me?
Assigned By 
Soft Shaman

How to complete this quest

  1. Find the right place. (Go to the Basalt Slopes). Speak with the Dinotown Courier.
  2. Kill 4 Goblins, Speak with Dinotown Courier, Pick up the Package, then Speak with Dinotown Courier again.
  3. Find the right place. (Go to the Tunnel under the Branch). "Suspect noises".
  4. Kill 6 Goblins. Pick up the Goods.
  5. Go to the Lavapit, then speak with the Dinotown Courier.
  6. Validate the mission at Lavapit.


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