The DinoLand Tour is the most famous race in all of DinoLand! Race round Dinoland in less than ten days! The first checkpoint is on Waikiki Island.
Lantern Lantern, Korgon Fins Korgon Fins, Completion of all other missions from Mr Bao Bob and Dian Korgsey
This quest requires a minimum of 20 steps.
Assigned By 
Mr Bao Bob

How to complete this quest

  1. Go to the Waïkiki Island Tour Checkpoint
  2. Go to BrutForce Tour Checkpoint
  3. Go to the Precipitous Hills Tour Checkpoint
  4. Go to Lavapit Tour Checkpoint
  5. Go to Korgon Camp Tour Checkpoint
  6. Go to at The Edge of the Forest Tour Checkpoint
  7. Go to Bao Bob's Hut Validate the mission
  8. Validate the mission at Mr Bao Bob's House


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