Three Dark Dinoz from Caushemesh are waiting for you at the Mutant Falls. Go and defeat them and then return to receive your reward ... take my advice, don't try to defeat them alone, your Dinoz could die!
Level 20
This quest requires a minimum of 16 steps.
Assigned By 
Strange Prowler

How to complete this quest

  1. Go to the Mutant Falls
  2. Win the fight (Kill a Dark Rocky, Dark Hippoclamp and a Dark Pteroz)
  3. Validate the mission at Forges of the Big All-Hot



  • This quest requires a minimum of 16 steps (if you move through Grumhel Forest) or 18 steps (if you move through Dinoland Kingdom).
  • After the mission, talk to the Strange Prowler again. You will recieve a Tik Bracelet. This will add 10 HP every midnight to the Dinoz wearing it.
  • The fight will start the moment you move to Mutant Falls.
  • Don't activate this quest with more than one dino in a group. All dinos on this quest will get credit for a single fight, depriving you of experience.
  • You will fight all three opponents at once. The opponents can do massiv damage, so be prepared (a focus+lightning attack by the Dark Rocky did [70-lightning defence] damage to my dinoz)
  • Opponents hitpoints (please edit this page if you can improve the limits): 98<Dark Rocky<=102 most probably 100, 63<Dark Hippoclamp<=71, 59<Dark Pteroz<=85
  • My level 26 Winks lost 16 HP during this fight, he won quite easily.

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