It seems a certain merguez seller in the Ashpouk Ruins uses a special combustible which causee the influx of flamelets. Something must be done! However, we can't stop this poor merchant from doing his job, we will need to find a more subtle solution. Start by collecting some ingredients: a dry branch, a Dorogon scale and a piece of yellow basalt. Mix these ingredients up and grind them into a powder, then throw it onto the barbecue!
Completed Fire!
This quest requires a minimum of 10 steps.
Assigned By 
Soft Shaman

How to complete this quest

  1. Go to the Tunnel under the Branch and pick up a Branch.
  2. Go to the Venerable's Lair and get a Venerable's Scale (don't worry, no danger).
  3. Go to the Basalt Slopes and search for Basalt.
  4. Go to the Forges of the Big All-Hot and grind the ingredients to powder.
  5. Go to the Ashpouk Ruins and use the mix.
  6. Validate the mission at Lavapit.


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