Hmmm, these Archelion merguez really pack a punch! Well, now that i know that you are competent, if you do me one more favour I'll give you my Strategy Guide. The Big All-Hot is an ideal environment for Archelions of all sizes. Wild, very dry and constantly erupting! But we have to stay away from them as long as we want to live. I want you to make me a Archelion scarecrow! It needs some Sharpened Claws.
Completed The Testing Ordeal
This quest requires a minimum of 8 steps for walking, plus any additional turns needed to fight the monsters.
Assigned By 
Soft Shaman

How to complete this quest

  1. Go to the Venerable's Lair.
  2. Kill 1 Baby Archelion. (NOTE: you will only see this step if you do not fight a Baby Archelion upon entering this area, or you're doing this mission with a group of more than two dinoz.)
  3. Pick up the claws
  4. Go to the Forges of the Big All-Hot
  5. Speak with Smith
  6. Kill 6 monsters at the Forges of the Big All-Hot
  7. Speak with the Forges Guard
  8. Kill 6 more monsters at the Forges of the Big All-Hot
  9. Speak with the Forges Guard again
  10. Validate the mission at Lavapit


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