"Meet me where I declared my love for you" Oh oh oh oh! My dear Moulder has a heart of gold! I will never forget the place where he took us, while we were still young. Nor the moment he gave me a well grilled merguez and asked me if I would marry him!
Completed Miss Bao
This quest requires a minimum of 30 steps.
Assigned By 

How to complete this quest

  1. Go to the Ashpouk Ruins – Speak with the Merguez Seller
  2. Visit the Ruins – Fight Merchant
  3. Go to the Frish Port – Search for a Strange-Looking Boat
  4. Board the Boat (triggers a fight like at the Ashpouk Ruins)
  5. Speak with Freed Man
  6. Go to the Ashpouk Ruins and speak with the Merguez Seller
  7. Validate the mission at Twilight Cemetary



  • Clicking on "Visit the Ruins" will make you fight. There are two opponents, one Merchant-like. My dinoz failed with level 16, 60HP. Level 17 worked with about 50hp lost (the average damage taken per hit went from about 4-5 to 3-4 with that level-up).
  • My level 25 Winks killed the Bamboo Sprout and the merchant losing only 8 HP, but had 5 Aqueous Clones at the end.

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