A high level match at the Superdome.

The Superdome is a Tournament that allows Dinoz teams of players to fight in a battle without mercy!
Underwater Dome

Before you can start, you have to pick the name of the team for which your group leader will be the captain.

Once you are registered, you can fight against other player's teams. You must have a turn available in order to start a match. It is possible for there to be no teams available at the time you try to begin a match. If that is the case, you will be given the option to cancel (not costing your a turn) or you can just wait it out. Once you have fought a team, you will not be able to fight the same team again until at least two days (unconfirmed) have passed.

Once a match has been initiated, you will able to examine your opponent and reequip your Dinoz as you see fit. You cannot cancel a match once it has been initiated and it takes one hour for a match to be resolved. Injuries sustained during the match are not applied to you team's dinoz outside of the Superdome, so you do not need to heal up between matches.

The criteria of team pairings is currently unknown. It appears to be relatively random, which means a mostly level 15 team can get matched against a mostly level 40 team. This is why it is recommended that your Dinoz be completely healed before starting a match and that you have the maximum number of following Dinoz in your team.

You do not win XP from these matches, only money. Each victory gives your team 3 points and each defeat 1 point. Rankings are based on total points. You do not receive your points until you have reviewed your match.

You can view the team rankings and review your own team's history which includes members and battle record. Clicking on any team in the rankings will allow you to view their battle records as well. You may review any previous match by clicking on the "See Again" button.


(NOTE: each cup replaces the previous cup as it is won)

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