Strange Prowler

Strange Prowler

Forges of the Big All-Hot
Mission Giver


Before Completing Quest The Amnesiac Rice


  1. This guy seems dangerous... it's probably a good idea to move away from him
    Pheeww! It's better to be careful when around strangers, you never know what's going to happen....
  2. Talk to him
    What? You can see me? .... Argh! ....
    1. Ummm .... yes
      The guy who sold me this cape assured me that it would make me invisible! Can you take a look at the indicator on my back, is something written on it?
      1. Check the indicator
        What? "LOW BAT-RICE"? Ummm .... the seller told me to recharge something .... so I have to use .... rice? But where can I get rice from?
        1. Help The Prowler
          Quest: The Amnesiac Rice
          Quest: The Dark Dinoz

After Completing Quest The Amnesiac Rice

My cape ran out of rice again ... I'm starting to get sick of this...

  1. It's probably a bad quality cape
    What!? How dare you talk like that about Caushemesh technology! Do you know how many years of research it took our scientists to master the Ether?
    1. Caushemesh?
      Caushemesh is a large civilization in the Caushemesh Mountains, beyond the Magnetic Steppes. We're far more developed than these barbarians.
      1. Ether? (see below)
      2. And... (see below)
    2. Ether?
      After centuries of research, the Caushemeshians have mastered the power of Ether, a complex mix of the Air and Void elements. It's an extraordinary technoligical advancement, all thanks to Caushemesh engineers, the best in Dinoland!
      1. Caushemesh? (see above)
      2. And...
        Your Dinoz are too weak. They're no match for ours..hahahaha! Make sure you train your Dinoz well, as the day will come when you are called upon to fight more powerful enemies!
        1. ....
          Enough of me talking .... what would you say about a little mission to convice you of the strength of our technology,?
          1. Accept the mission
            Quest: The Amnesiac Rice
            Quest: The Dark Dinoz

After Completing Quest The Dark Dinoz

I thought I should let you know that all the Dark Dinoz you have met up until now were only newbies that we train in this region of Dinoland ... the Dinoz of Caushemesh are far stronger. Even your Venerable will be no match for our strongest Dinoz masters!

  1. (...)
    I'm a man of my word. Here's a reward to convince you of the superiority of Caushemesh technology. I only have one copy, so use it well .... it's a bracelet made of tik, you can equip it on any Dinoz of your choice.

Additional information

The Strange Prowler is only available if your Dinoz are strong enough to accept his missions (Level 15).

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