Strange Man Haunted Hills

The Strange Man in the Grumhel Forest.

Haunted Hills
Gives you the Lantern.


An strange and awkward looking person is hiding behind the trees. He brandishes a lantern and shines it in your direction.

  1. Hello?
    The man seems very worried and continues to look at you without saying anything.
    1. Approach carefully (see answer below)
    2. Ignore him (see answer below)
    3. Run away!
      You run away as fast as you possibly can!
  2. Approach carefully
    You barely take a step in his direction before the man jumps, frightened, into a bush! A moment later, he lifts his head out of the bush and looks at you again with a look of anxiety strewn across his face.
    1. Hello? (see answer above)
    2. Ignore him (see answer below)
    3. Run away! (see answer above)
  3. Ignore him
    You turn your head to ignore him. But while glancing in his direction, you notice with surprise that he's now standing right in front of you! You can't prevent yourself from letting out a cry of surprise! He puts his lantern under your nose and starts sniffing you noisily....
    1. ARGH! You scared me!
      Scared? Scared of what? The shadows or my voice? You're scared too? We're all scared! I've seen them!
      1. Seen what?
        Gorgoth! The headeater from the dark abyss!!
        1. Aaahhh! He seems extremely dangerous!
          He terrorises every living creature in the Grumhel Jungle! Look! There he is! (He points to a clearing in the jungle's dense vegetation)!
          1. Attack Gorgoth!
            This makes you fight a Facetious Korgon!
            Winning: While you are searching for the strange man, you notice that he has disappeared ... The good news is that he dropped his lantern whilst he was running away. You can use this lantern to help guide you in dark places.
            Losing: (later...)
          2. Run away! (see answer above)
        2. Run away! (see answer above)
      2. Hmmm, I have to leave now....
        You step back slowly and move away without looking back...
    2. Run away! (see answer above)

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