Strange Dinoz (Hippoclamp)

Strange Dinoz (Hippoclamp)

Waïkiki Island (Must be level 8 to fight)
Defeat it and you can buy a Hippoclamp Dinoz for yourself.


You have come across a strange Dinoz. As it spots you, it turns to run. What do you do?

  1. Pursue him
    This makes you fight.
    Winning: You have defeated a rare Dinoz: a Hippoclamp! You have earned the Hippoclamps Trophy, which allows you to buy this Dinoz in the Dinoz Shop!
    Losing: (later...)
  2. Wait!
It seems that he isn't coming back ... But what kind of Dinoz could it be?


Advise waiting until either level 10 or using combat Dino - Otherwise, Hippoclamp will decimate you.

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