There are a collection of attributes your dinoz can have that are grouped under the heading "Specials" on your character sheet. These affect both offense and defense. Most Dinoz do not start with any special attributes and must learn them through skills.

  • Armor Armor - An overall bonus to defense.
  • Evasion Evasion - The percent chance the dino can dodge an attack.
  • Multiple Attacks Multiple Attacks - The percent chance the dino get additional hits on their attack.
  • Counter-Attack Counter attack - The percent chance the dino will do damage to the attacker when attacked.

Related Skills

  • Elem 5 Shell: gives +1 Armor. Winks start off with this skill.
  • Elem 1 Carapace: gives +1 Armor
  • Elem 1 Faroe Heritage: gives +1 Armor (and +12 to Wood attacks)
  • Elem 1 Elem 0 Basalt Armor: Double skill that gives +3 Armor
  • Elem 5 Elusive: increases Evasion chance by 10%. Kabuki start off with this skill.
  • Elem 4 Dodge: increases Evasion chance by 10%
  • Elem 3 Double Hit: increases Multiple Attack chance by 20%
  • Elem 3 Elem 4 Overload: Double skill that increases Multiple Attack chance by 15%
  • Elem 0 Waïkikidô: increases Counter-Attack chance by 10% (and adds 20 hp and decreases initiative by 5)
  • Elem 0 Vengeance: increases Counter-Attack chance by 5%
  • Elem 0 Elem 4 Vendetta: Double skill that increases Counter-Attack chance by 20%

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