Soft Shaman

Soft Shaman

Mission Giver


Hey there young master! Welcome to the Lavapit ... capital of the Big All-Hot ... Don't hesitate to admire our magnificient basalt sculptures. There are magma baths here too. Relax, chill out. If you're hungry why don't you try our local speciality: Goblin Merguez ... it'll give you a little boost, give it a try ..... you'll see.

  1. The Venerable...
    Uhmm ... ? The Venerable? ... He's a real monster ... he nearly ate me yesterday just because he said I was being annoying and disturbing his sleep. WHAT?! You really want to visit the Venerable? Bah ... do what you want ... take the path on your right at the Forges, and it's straight ahead.
    1. Is he strong?
      Strong? Who? The Venerable? Yeah he's strong. He's listed as the most common cause of death for tourists, just ahead of heart attacks caused by our Goblin Merguez ... Ha ha, these tourists are so delicate!
    2. Thanks, I'll take your advice into consideration!
      See you next time my friend!
  2. Buy some souvenirs
    Some souvenirs? ... Bah ... I've got a pile of incantation pages here, but I don't know if you're interested in them ... I can also give you an autograph if you want, I'll sign it using my real name, Bomer Boof... Interested? No? I didn't think you would be, not many people are. If you're really looking for some souvenirs you should go to the Forges ... there's a lot of combat gear there... maybe you'll find something interesting.
    1. And that's all?
      Uhmm .... if you carry out some missions for me, I'll give you my Strategy Guide. It's extremely useful....
      1. Accept
        It's a deal....
        1. Check missions list
          Quest: The Testing Ordeal
          Quest: The Archelionscarer
          Quest: Fire!
          Quest: The Crazy Barbecue
          Quest: Quarrel
          Quest: Defend The Forges
          Quest: The Disappearing Package
          Quest: (Un)Fair Trade
          Quest: Ridiculous Ritual
          Quest: Hieroglyphics
          Quest: Carrier Pigeon
    2. Thanks, I'll take your advice into consideration!
      See you next time my friend!
  3. Someone told me about a charm... (If you've talked to The Venerable)
    Oh yeah, that's right. Take this, it's a Fire Charm ... it'll help your Dinoz in future fights.
    1. Accept the Charm
      Stay here, I will enchant you with Shaman magic ... Oyeee, oyeee! ZZZZzzzzzz... ... It's done, you can go, you are strong now.
      Hey, don't try and scam me, your Dinoz already has a charm ... Come back later. (If your Dinoz already has the Charm.)

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