18,000 gold
Starting skill
Starting elements
Elem 0 0, Elem 1 0, Elem 2 0, Elem 3 1, Elem 4 0
Chance to level up
Elem 0 20%, Elem 1 10%, Elem 2 10%, Elem 3 55%, Elem 4 5%
Rockies are often hidden amongst the stones. They are living creatures half-animal half-mineral, their bodies are made entirely of Lodestone. This gives them the power to produce electricity at will by rubbing their bodies.
Additional information
  • To unlock this Dinoz, you need to have a Dinoz (minimum level 13) win a battle against the Strange Stone in BrutForce.
  • Some Rockys, when reaching level 10 or so, start to enlarge very much.


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