Action Revive If a dino reaches 0 Health Points, the dino is considered dead and cannot perform any action or be healed until revived. If they die while moving to a new location, they will remain in the first location unless part of a group with surviving members. In which case, they will be at the target location, but will be unable to move with the group any further until revived.

Once you click on the "Revive" Button, you here two options to revive your dinoz.

  • Resurrection - This option costs 1/2 of your dino's current XP towards the next level. Your dino is immediately transported to Dinotown revived with one Health point and resting. If your dino has just leveled and has no XP counted towards the next level, the XP cost is 0.
  • Angel Potion - This option requires you have an Angel Potion Angel Potion in your inventory (if you do not have one, you will be prompted to buy one). This option costs your dino no XP and allows them to stay at their current location, reviving them with 1 Health Point and resting. You can use an Angel Potion directly from your inventory instead of using the "Revive" button first.

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