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Request Office

Request Office

Rocky Outpost
Mission Giver


Desert merchants come to the Request Office all the time to post new job offers for passing Dinoz masters. Take a ticket and attempt a mission if you think you're brave enough.
  1. Check the Missions List
    1. Quest: Secure The Road
    2. Quest: Western Caravan
    3. Quest: Zest of Scorpwink
    4. Quest: Secure The Crossroads
    5. Quest: The Greedy Thief
    6. Quest: Dewormer
    7. Quest: Wanted: Sahalami The Slicer
    8. Quest: Wanted: Trip The Wimp
    9. Quest: Wanted: Boukanee The Immortal
    10. Quest: Wanted: Cervelah The Poisoner
    11. Quest: A Mysterious Pendant

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