Vat's is nice from you ... I vink the Bonks from mutant valls can help me ... Take the blants you brought me and go to see the on my vehalf ... Snifff....
Zors GloveWaterlily Pads Completed Allergies
This quest requires a minimum of 12 steps for walking, plus any additional turns needed to fight the monsters.
Assigned By 
Nicolas Mulot

How to complete this quest

  1. Take the plants.
  2. Go to the Mutant Falls and speak with the Monk Doctor.
  3. Go to the Coral Mines and pick up a Coral Piece.
  4. Go back to the Mutant Falls and speak with the Monk Doctor again.
  5. Go to the Sinister Path, kill 4 Facetious Korgons, then pick up the fangs.
  6. Go to the Jumin River, kill 5 Tawny-Bats, then get the wings.
  7. Go back to the Mutant Falls, speak with the Monk Doctor, and look in the remedy crates.
  8. Validate the mission at The Edge of the Forest.



  • When killing the Korgons, this quest allows the excess enemies to be counted for other Dinoz in your group. If you meet a group of 6 Korgons, 2 of them will be counted for your next Dinoz' counter. Note that the Tawny-Bats do not carry over the same way.

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