Years ago when we were living together, Moulder was affected by my curse. He forgot me instantly. It's not my fault, I have no way of controlling the curse. After he forgot me, Moulder moved far, far away, the ruffian! I'm sure he's still in contact with his nephew Little Joe. Go and see him, make sure to keep me informed!
Max. 10 hp to enter Twilight Cemetary, 3 Goblin Merguez Goblin Merguez
This quest requires a minimum of 6 steps.
Assigned By 

How to complete this quest

  1. Go to Grandpa Joe's Home.
  2. Give Grandpa Little Joe three Goblin Merguez.
  3. Read the message at The Fountain of Youth.
  4. Complete the mission at Twilight Cemetary.


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