Deep Gorges
Allows you to Freeze your Dinoz.


A recent earthquake has made a break in the rock face. An ice-cold wind get away of it and you can see a strange man inspecting around.

  1. Talk to the strange man
    Pheewww!! Did you see the crack? It opens into an enormous cavern, it's ice cold inside! Hey! Be careful! If your Dinoz enters the cavern he'll be frozen immediately!
    1. Glaglagla!
      You see!! It's cold around .... According to my thermodynamic studies, the hot magma flows from the Big All-Hot and the heat is absorbed from the supraconductive rocks. This creates a strange cooling effect through convection. In effect, it's a natural fridge inside!
      1. Fascinating!
        Isn't it!? I often explore the caverns and other strange underground lairs. That's my job, I'm a popotholeler! I got my degree in Speleology from Dinotown University!
        1. Impressive!
          Thank you, you're very kind. I came here immediately after I heard about the earthquake. It seems I was the first person to discover this cave! I've already given it a name: The Relative Zero Cave! What do you think?
          1. What a great name
            Thanks! As you've been so nice to me, I'll give you a little tip. If you put your Dinoz in the Relative Zero Cave, he'll be frozen....
            1. Frozen?
              Yup! Fro-zen! But the good thing is that the temperature is not so low that it will kill him. It will only freeze him temporarily! You won't be able to use this Dinoz anymore. But he will not count in your Dinoz LIMIT. So you can have MORE Dinoz! But you'll have to keep an eye on the side effects.
              1. Side effects?
                Yes, from the moment your Dinoz is frozen, he does not count towards your LIMIT. You can only defrost him if you are under the LIMIT, this means that you will have to freeze another Dinoz so that the other Dinoz can take his place ... your Dinoz will take one full day to defrost, you will need to be very patient ... do you understand?
                1. Nope, I didn't understand anything!
                  (repeats the conversation from "Yup! Fro-zen..." on)
                2. Yes, thanks!
                  You're welcome! Don't hesitate to call me if you need any help exploring any mysterious underground lairs!
                  (Freeze Your Dinoz is now available)
    2. Say goodbye
      Ciao! And make sure you don't come too close to this crack!

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