"I'll be waiting for you at the place we first met" Oh oh oh oh! My Moulder is so romantic! I hope he's still waiting there for me! Go quickly to the magnificient place filled with the odour of waterillies where we first met and bring me back my love!
Buoy Max. 10 hp to enter Twilight Cemetary
This quest requires a minimum of 8 steps.
Assigned By 

How to complete this quest

  1. Find the right place (Sticky Swamp) and speak with A Stuck Tourist
  2. A.E.A. Assembly – Fight 2 Eeloz
  3. Find the right place (Mutant Falls) and speak with Fisher
  4. Pirhanoz Bay – Fight 6 Pirhanoz
  5. Speak with Fisher
  6. Go to the Sticky Swamp and read the Signboard
  7. Validate the mission at Twilight Cemetary



Clicking on the button "A.E.A. Assembly" will make you fight 2 Eeloz without a chance to retreat. This fight can be tough, be prepared.

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